“FIRE! BAD!” Build Teams That Can Take the Heat.

“Accursed creator! Why did you form a monster so hideous that even you turned from me in disgust?” ― Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Frankenstein I’m going to go out on a limb here.  I’ll bet you’ve worked on (or are working on) a team that is an amalgam of previous groups. Teams are consolidated to save money. Teams are orphaned if […]

The Pit and the Pendulum… of Transformation

“I could no longer doubt the doom prepared for me by monkish ingenuity in torture.”– Edgar Alan Poe Are Teams going back to their “old ways”?Are groups holding on to previous behaviors and processes with a death-grip? If you’re a change leader, it’s not their problem; it’s yours. When change-efforts starts to fizzle, stakeholders have taken what info they have, […]

What Culture Haunts Your Office Halls?

Employees having trouble thinking outside the box?Are you Having trouble thinking inside a box? Small offices can still be jammed-full of inspiration. Large spaces can be vacuous and devoid of spirit.​  Cubical walls can be high and isolating.  Office doors can be always-open, inviting others to lean in an share what’s on their mind.  I ask leaders to look less […]

5-10 Easy Minutes To Build Engagement

“The light…. it burns!” – Nosferatu​Entertaining new ideas and crazy questions may be challenging for a leader who’s trying to keep the cart on the rails.  Don’t squash creativity.  Employees offering of new ideas, even if the ideas are wacky, are a sign that staff is highly engaged.  Entertaining these ideas gets them and keeps them engaged.  Even 5-10 minutes […]

Embrace Your Inner Skeptic

​Thanks for checking out our TWE graphics: Share over social media to make a statement to your peers. Use to kick off a meeting as a quick performance moment. Stimulate a conversation with a team that needs a shake-up. Make it permanent as a cool tattoo. However you choose to use it, I hope it’s helpful. – Tim

What Makes Employees’ Blood Run Cold

Half-way is very different from half-hearted.  We’re never done changing or transforming, so don’t be stressed about not having everything locked-down.   But as leaders, we must be crystal clear on where we are, where we’re going and how we’re getting there – and communicate this well.  There is no excuse for not being engaged in a transformation effort. Engagement does […]

Horror Stories that REALLY Frighten Staff.

“What do I have to do to get noticed?”  There’s a lot of talk about having “one team”, but can employees articulate how they add the most value?  Do leaders consistently recognize when good work is pivotal to strategic success?​Until Halloween I’m adding one of these “movie posters” each day – I hope it helps you reflect and maybe start […]

4 Pivotal Learnings for Good Customer Service and Collaboration

At this time of year, groups are knocking on my door collecting bottles, selling cookies and asking for support.  It has me reflecting on instances where I’m asked to intervene on issues of customer and co-worker interaction.  What I’m seeing at the door helps to explain the lack of decent customer service and collaborative instincts present in new grads and […]

TWE “Performance Horror Stories” #4

​BRAINS!  Without a clear vision to follow – teams either amble aimlessly and swarm issues reactively.  Sound familiar? Until Halloween I’m adding one of these performance moment “movie posters” each day. Based on real-world issues that TWE clients are overcoming, I hope they’ll help stir up a cauldron of good conversations.   I hope you have some serious-fun with these. <<PreviousNext>>Best, ​Tim