Decision-making during a pandemic – how to choose from bad options and disagree while preserving your important relationships

Some decisions are tough. But covid is creating unique uncertainty about the future for nearly every decision we make. Wouldn’t it be great to know you are making high-quality decisions?​As the weather cools, children return to schools, and the holiday season approaches, we will have to take a different approach to the mitigation of exposure risk than what we’ve experienced […]

How would Crocodile Dundee Define “TEAM”?

​34 years ago, my dad took me to see Crocodile Dundee in the theaters. I remember standing in line in a spring rain, popcorn, and sticky floors.  The theater was huge by today’s standards, and people still regularly applauded during the movie.   Trust me, it was a big deal.  In celebration of Mick and Sue, I thought I’d share […]

Why This Bad Advice Could Have Ruined the Galaxy

Staying calm is good.  Carrying on in the middle of a crisis – not so much. When you should step-up and declare your commitment to do better in the middle of a crisis?​ When it began to gain prominence in North America, I, like everyone else though “Keep Calm and Carry On” was cool. I didn’t regard it as a mind-blowing advice, […]


Do you have employees that carry stress home? Their lives literally depend on the organizational culture and leadership style you choose to adopt.  You can make a huge difference to the happiness and balance in your peoples’ lives.


Do you have employees that thrive at home and at work? Their lives literally depend on healthy organizational behaviour and company culture on the job.

Seminar: Supply Chain 3.0 and the Search for Performance

​It was great to hear Dr. Mohan S. Sodhi speak at the Alliance Pipeline Seminar “Supply Chain 3.0 and the Search for Performance” on Friday. Fantastic to meet and have conversations with Professor Sodhi, my friend (and Co-Author) Jaydeep Balakrishnan, Shawn Baker, Fernando Torres and many more.  Dr. Sodhi (whose work you’ll find in the Sloan management review and the […]