Be a Clear Leader: Don’t Confuse Your Staff

Be a Clear Leader: Don’t Confuse Your Staff

If we are to improve, we have to be ok with failure (preferably small and controlled failure). It is equally important that we send and receive clear, consistent feedback of when we’re winning or losing. We often seek to protect others by softening the sting of getting it wrong – this confuses staff and hampers progress. Be kind, direct and consistent with staff and they’ll be better able to fulfil your vision and innovate successfully.
Here’s a couple of ways you can use TWE graphics:

  • Share over social media to make a statement to your peers.
  • Use to kick off a meeting as a quick performance moment.
  • Stimulate a conversation with a team that needs a shake-up.
  • Use it as a cool tattoo.

However you choose to use it, we hope it’s helpful.

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