The Pit and the Pendulum… of Transformation

The Pit and the Pendulum… of Transformation

“I could no longer doubt the doom prepared for me by monkish ingenuity in torture.”
– Edgar Alan Poe

Are Teams going back to their “old ways”?
Are groups holding on to previous behaviors and processes with a death-grip?

If you’re a change leader, it’s not their problem; it’s yours.

When change-efforts starts to fizzle, stakeholders have taken what info they have, connected the dots and decided that the change is doomed.  And who can blame them? They have a job to do.  

Commonly when this happens, leaders crank-up the hype and spin can keep the transformation going.  But “rah-rah” sessions won’t save it.  Results are what count. 

Resentment and dissolution among will become contagious and commonplace if the project pendulums between promises of innovation followed by excuses and reversal, followed by innovation, followed by reversal, innovation, reversal… and so on.

Get good at sharing REALITY.  Give stakeholders clear signs that you are making steady progress and momentum towards your promised outcomes.  This way, even set-backs, and mistakes can be used as propellants and seen as lessons that help you go forward with more clarity.


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