What Culture Haunts Your Office Halls?

What Culture Haunts Your Office Halls?

Employees having trouble thinking outside the box?
Are you Having trouble thinking inside a box?

Small offices can still be jammed-full of inspiration. Large spaces can be vacuous and devoid of spirit.​  Cubical walls can be high and isolating.  Office doors can be always-open, inviting others to lean in an share what’s on their mind. 

I ask leaders to look less nature of a workspace and more at the “walls” that are present (visible and invisible).  Offices, cubicles or open-concept spaces are not determinants of the creativity and connection present in a team – Design can help, but it won’t counter a culture that inspires isolation and whispers.

It’s interesting that many organizations still focus (and reward) on personal performance and productivity, while we try to engineer team connection.  Shouldn’t team connection and be included in assessments?

And if we’re going to create spaces for teams, we have to ensure that our culture and incentive programs likewise adapt to inspire connections between people, collisions of thought and space for creativity.


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